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Hi IronRunner,

I was diagnosed with arthritis in 2012 but had been struggling on and off for several years with hip and lower back pain. The physio who broke the news told me to stop running, get a bike for exercise, and when I could no longer walk upstairs the NHS would give me hip replacements. I got the bike, and not long after fell off and broke my wrist – and the resulting DEXA scan showed slight osteopenia/weak bones. I was running once a week at this time, 5k parkruns had just started near us, but it was 5k and limp back to the car – no warmup or warmdown. In 2013 the 5:2 diet appeared and I managed to lose about 15 pounds by intermittent fasting, which took some load off my joints, but by the end of 2014 I had consulted with a surgeon, who was recommended by a friend, and explained that I wanted a Birmingham hip resurfacing so I could continue being active. He agreed to give it a go, saying he had never have the customer requestng a specific device before. Same device as Andy Murray eventually got…
All went well, back to jogging carefully at 8 weeks and 5k soon after, but 2 years later the other hip gave up suddenly and that BHR operation failed due to bone quality. I got a Zimmer ceramic hip instead and could not be happier – I’m running further than in years, having long days in the hills, bouldering and biking – but less biking than before, now I can enjoy running again. If anything, the THR feels even better than the resurfacing, but I fully expect both of then to last longer than me! Picked up the odd V70 prize in 10k and half marathon races last year, but there are some faster runners just turned 70 so this year will be more difficult…