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Glad you were able to diagnose your hemochromatosis at such a young age. My dad didn’t figure it out until he was in his 70s and it had done a number on his heart and liver….although he did have a great life after and lived to be in his mid 90s. Sorry to hear about its impact on your hip.

Everyone is different with their hip journey. I was most likely running on a bad hip for four years prior to diagnosis. My hip flexors and knee were giving me issues on that side for quite a while.

I was training for the 2020 Atlanta half marathon when it really started to get bad. I hobbled thru the race and saw the orthopedist the next week. Unfortunately after they told me I needed a new hip all hospitals and surgical centers shutdown because of Covid. I decided in the meantime to continue to train for an upcoming marathon. About two months later my hip totally gave out and I could hardly walk so I started biking more to build strength for the surgery. Around June the surgical center opened back up and I was able to have my hip replaced in July.

You will have to decide based on your own experience what you can and can’t do. I figured I would only wear it out more by continuing till I couldn’t. I did find biking a good alternative to staying fit until I could run again