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Hi Dan – congratulations on your new Hip.

I don’t live in your area but if you are a Strava user you could join the hip runner Strava group and ask if anyone lives in your area.

I have both my hips replaced. The first one in 2020 and the second one at the end of last February. I ran 2500 miles between surgeries and when the doctor X-rayed my first hip at two years, it showed zero wear.

My doctor told me they recommend not running for 6 to 12 months following replacement. He does and I had posterior surgery. When I asked why the waiting period he told me it is to let the tendons and muscles heal. They split the glutes and reattach the periformace tendon during surgery. He told me the titanium rod is healed into the bone by 6 to 8 weeks. Also he said it depends on what you were doing prior to the surgery. If you weren’t a runner or had a long break, they want you to hold off for 12 months before putting stress on that area.

He also told me I wouldn’t wear out my new hip….I was 65 for the first one and 67 for the second. For background I have been running since I was 16 and have run over 135,000 miles with 100 marathons and many triathlons.

I started doing short jogs during my walks at 4 months and started to actually do 5 minute/1 minute run/walks at 6 months working up to a half marathon at 18 months. My doctor said let pain be my guide….if my periformace starts to hurt back off.

I am following the same routine with my 2nd hip and am now 10 months post op. I did do a sprint triathlon with a 5k run/walk at 6 months this time and plan to do a half marathon at 12 months.

For resources there is always YouTube “talking with the docs”. I also found an explanation about the materials used in todays THRs on YouTube explaining the cross lined poly used in the socket that has greatly increased wear.

I am not a doctor but following his plan of waiting 8 months may be a good idea for your circumstances, but maybe with my experience and some research on wear of replacements you can ask him a few more questions regarding your situation.