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Hello Hip Runners,

Thank you Tim, Tom, and Dave for the replies – it is so nice to hear other people’s stories and to know that I WILL recover and be running again. THAT’S THEE BEST!

Currently I am 4 weeks post surgery and I am doing GREAT. For the first 14 days all I did was elevate/ice, rest, eat the foods recommended for post surgery healing, and do the PT. At 2.5 weeks the PT said I could ditch the cane as long as I walked with consciousness – that it, using my glutes and abs to take the burden off of the hip muscles that were (and are) still sore.

My incision site is healing nicely.

I have no hip pain!!! Hip hip hooray! What I do have is tightness/soreness/tenderness in my hip flexors, IT band and behind the knee – I am assuming where the tendons of the hams insert on the tibia. I saw my surgeon and PT at day 21 and they both informed me that this feeling is common due to the violent moving of the muscles during the surgery and that it will take time for them to migrate back to their correct position. The PT cleared me to bike and walk long distances and gave me some more challenging exercises to do to strengthen the hip muscles. I am doing them and they are hard!

Each day I get a little stronger and the numbness/tingling feeling on and around the incision decreases.

I am concerned that my non-surgical side is picking up a lot of work and that I will become lopsided – and my surgical leg started out a little longer than my non-sur leg – so I have been really trying to imagine a balanced gait. I must remind myself that I am 50 years old and had an incredible active life prior to surgery WITH UNEVEN LEGS so this is just part of my life:)

I will post more updates and really appreciate all of the wisdom from you – especially the part about being patient – always a challenge for me but I can do it!

Have a fabulous Friday!
Caycee Cullen