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Hi Connie – how did your surgery go?

I have two Stryker posterior hip replacements in the past three years but don’t know the exact material make up. I assume it’s the same that you have.

The left side was replaced 8 months ago. I started running on the right after 6 months and did a half marathon at 18 months. This time around with my left is similar, started running at 6 months with a planned half at 12 months.

Starting out running again after everything heals, I describe the feeling as running with a wetsuit on. I think it is because of the disruption to the glutes with the posterior entry to the hip. I work a little on mobility before and after every run and eventually it will loosen up. I do get pain in the area sometimes following runs but it is more tendon based and no where near the pain before the surgery.

I have had the right xrayed at the two year mark after running over 2500 miles and there was no wear and replacement looked perfect. I figure dealing with a little tendon pain/stiffness is typical for a lifetime 68 year old runner weather I had a replacement or didn’t. At least my longtime running buddies that haven’t had replacements say they are stiff and sore also after runs….so I am no different. It is just the joy of movement that makes my day!

Good luck!