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Not sure what tendons and muscles were damaged during your fall or follow up surgery. They typically take the longest to heal. Bones and steal rods take about 8 to twelve weeks but will heal up to 18 months. With a total hip replacement I was told not to run for at least 6 months to allow the surrounding tissue to heal that was disturbed during the surgery.

This past Saturday (now Monday morning) I did a sprint triathlon which included a half mile swim, 11 mile bike and 3 mile run. I am at six months post op. I swam/biked well and ran the 3 mile with plenty of walk breaks because I haven’t really been running. This morning the hip is not at all painful but the surrounding tissue is feeling a little swollen. This is to be expected because I haven’t raced on it for over a year.

If you have access to a bike, I would start with some spinning and/or easy miles to build back those tissues. I started unweighted squats at about eight weeks and slowly added weights making sure I wasn’t too aggressive. When you do return to running, start like a beginner where you start with walk runs. Expect some tightness and soreness but don’t overdo it. Patience is the key….you have a long running career in front of you so don’t try to push to hard to fast.

Hope this gives you some things to discus with your doctors/PTs and get their advice on your best path forward.