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Hi Caycee

Your surgeon should be giving you a list of pre-surgery exercises to do to ready you for surgery. If not there is some good videos on YouTube from “talking with the docs” to “Bob and Brad”. I also could not run prior to surgery but could bike. I found the biking kept me in great shape and helped me recover well.

I asked my surgeon about lifespan of the new hip technology. I have the titanium post with ceramic head from Stryker that is said to last 30 years. My surgeon told me that the 30 years is predicated and the actual “in the body” test won’t be known until it’s been 30 years but said I won’t wear it out. I actually ran 2500 miles on my right hip, had it xrayed two years later and it didn’t show any wear.

I found returning to running a demonstration in patience. Start walking and moving right away after surgery. Stay on your meds….don’t try to be brave…to allow you to move with minimal pain for the first couple of weeks. I only used a cane to provide support for a couple of weeks. Each day walk a little farther. By two months you should be able to walk multiple miles and spin on your peloton bike. By 4 months you should be able to start increasing your bike workload and do more strength and mobility exercises with walks as far as you want to go. At 6 months, I started to reintroduce jogging durning my walks using methods that they suggest when starting running programs….run 1 minute/ walk 1 minute and building.

Your hip will feel thick for awhile but you will gain great mobility back and be running normal in a year.

Good luck and post your progress.