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I say don’t get lost and off track in your research and decision making.

Find the best surgeon you can find, period. Tell the surgeon about your goal to return to running. Get to a surgeon who is fine with that goal.

Then let go. The best surgeons pick the best devices and insert the devices in the most skillful way and limit the soft tissue damage as much as possible. Lay people sometimes think that the surgery does itself. Dual mobility isn’t all that big a deal these days because top surgeons have solved the problem of dislocation. They have extremely low dislocation rates.

There are a thousand little factors involved in successful hip replacement. That’s why you just want to get to the best possible surgeon, period. Best surgeons take care of all the details for the specific patient.

Another way of putting this: you can be a good anterior approach or a mediocre or a terrible anterior approach surgery. Same with people who use dual mobility. Having that approach (or device) doesn’t mean the surgeon is any good.

The key factor is the skill and experience of that surgeon in placing the device property and precisely and doing minimal soft tissue damage and then having a great post surgery pain med protocol.

If you want to get into details, ask how many surgeries the surgeon has done using their current approach. And find out how many surgeries they do a year. Some good numbers with be 1,000 surgeries overall and 250+ surgeries a year. Skillful surgery requires regular operations.

And find someone you trust.