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Hey there and you have certainly come to the right place… Regarding your question there are probably hundreds of posts of advice about your question contain herein. I’m certainly no doctor, physical, therapist, or professional trainer, but don’t think too hard about this. that you are feeling good and that structures are healing and assuming you are 4 to 6 weeks post surgery, keep up with the walking and start walking faster. Keep the footing safe, but find a few gentle hills and hike up those hills and shuffle, fast down the hills… you might find yourself even getting into a stride down those hills and if there is nice flat grass even better! Then take it to flat ground… Make that that fast walk a jog, and go for a minute; then back to a walk if that felt good, jog for two minutes, then back to a walk. Be creative and keep building all within the confines of “no pain“ or what feels like extremely little pain. Based on your running résumé, you are the expert here, not your doctor! I am 2 1/2 years post hip replacement, and I can run a 5K in 20 minutes and have gone beyond 50 K in races multiple times. There are numerous others on this blog that have done the same!