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Hello JB, and my comments will be very similar to what OB and some others have said… That is “if you know it’s happening, why wait?“. However, I did not opt to do replacement surgery until I knew it had to be done. For me, that was when I had at least constant mild pain, affecting my sleep at night, and when any significant running effort produced significant pain. I dealt with discomfort sleeping at night and joint pain on the “7 out of 10 scale“ after moderately hard 45 minute runs for about a year and a half before I decided to do the THR surgery. That was 2.5 years ago on my left hip and a great decision! Now, as time has gone along, and I have been running pretty well, my right hip is starting to hurt more than it has in the past. Now I am not disparaging your comments about seeing your doc, getting the diagnosis and medical issues figured out, and then prognosticating a future surgical timeframe, however, I suppose I will need another hip replaced… Of course, I will see my doctor and have it x-rayed, but when the pain hits that point, and it is an inevitability, I will know!