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Almighty Bob

I remember the first time I broke into a jog when I was just out for a walk. I was feeling good and the pace felt good. There was a slight downhill, so I subconsciously started to run. Immediate ouch! It felt jarring and horrible.

That was also the point when I realised that I wanted to be able to run again, but no longer had the strength in my muscles to do so.

So, I started with some walking hill reps (I live in the mountains). The hills are great for the glutes and hamstrings, and a lot of your power comes from the glutes. I then started to introduce some short running intervals. Very short ones, mind, which I have slowly built up as my strength started to return. I am now able to run without all the jarring. It was just a matter of building those muscles back up again so that they can do their job of propelling you forward and absorbing impact.

Start slowly. I kept building up my walking mileage (brisk walking pace) on the weekend long walk/run, whilst doing hills and intervals during the week. Also yoga and general S&C. You will get there in the end.