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Thank you for all of your replies, shared information and a projected timeline. It makes me feel better to have an idea of what I might expect during the recovery process. Miles are slow right now compared to two years ago, but I am enjoying trail running. I never really paid attention to the difference between the road and the trail, but for the moment the trail is a little kinder. And yes, running is awkward right now because my foot strike is different in order to avoid sharp pains. I do worry about the stem because I have holes from the previous hardware that are not filled in, but am also feeling more “normal” and getting my butterflies and pep back in regard to running and exercise.

My surgery was an anterior approach with an uncemented Depuy implant – polyethylene liner with vitamin E, ceramic ball and metal acetabular cup and stem. I am hoping this is DURABLE, or that the wear and tear will be very slow.

Thanks again and good luck to all of you. I will check in again soon to see what everyone has been up to with the weather warming up.