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It would be helpful to know what kind of replacement you have been given – I would suspect from the surgeon’s opinion on running that it would be crosslinked polyethylene on metal or ceramic. The plastic can and will wear and you are still young – but the wear is very slow, at least 20 years of active life as far as I can see, and most runners on this site seem to have this default combination.
I have a metal/metal Birmingham resurfacing (Andy Murray hip) just over 8 years old and a Zimmer ceramic/ceramic THR coming up to 6 years. I chose to get the resurfacing to allow me to continue running and climbing and had to be careful for the first 3 months or so, the THR was the result of a failed resurfacing because my bone was not good enough. Same surgeon, he assured me I would not be able to break my ceramic device, so not against medical advice..
I feel the resurfaced hip more, and it has a little less range of movement. My THR feels perfectly natural, but I do/did worry about the spike in my femur and the mechanical implications.
I have the benefit of being really old (72) so neither device has to last all that long, I am happy to run fast over 5k every week and slow over half-marathon and a bit beyond from time to time, and walk in the mountains up to 40 miles or so, I have been doing about 25 miles a week for the last few years, plus a lot of walking.
Your pains must surely be related to having two operations within a short time, and also it is early days at 10 weeks – I was back to 5k within 8 weeks on my ceramic hip but it was definitely not pain-free!

Hope this helps,