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Good luck Bob. I had my right hip replaced two years ago and subsequently ran 2500 miles on it. I started out slowly doing mobility/strength work and easy spins on the bike and building back swimming…I do triathlons along with running events. I built up my walking endurance and at four months started jogging a few steps while out walking to build my confidence. At six months, I started run/ walks increasing the time running to minutes walking one over the next couple of months until I could go one hour before attempting a no walk run.

As I type this I am recovering from my left hip replacement two weeks ago. I plan to follow the same routine and be back to pain free running mid to late summer. I have been walking loops in our house…not the best, but we live in a rural area and with winter the roads are super icy. I am up to 8,000 steps per day. I get my staples out in a couple of days and at that point I will attempt some no tension spinning on our peloton bike, maybe for 15 minutes. I will head back to the pool to ease back into swimming once the wound is healed.

I hope this helps you think out your journey back to running