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I’m currently running between 20 and 30 miles / week – compared to the maximum 50 – 60 miles I have ever done in the past. Typically one interval / tempo / quality hill session a week, one long run and 2 recovery runs. I am now trying to increase to 5 sessions every other week, but I don’t ever plan to do more than that, as I believe the no running days are more important than ever.

Not sure I will ever go back to doing 2 speed / high intensity sessions a week, as again I suspect that is probably too much of an ask on my ageing body, let alone the replacement hips.

I have recently moved from south of London, where the terrain is mostly undulating, to the wilds of Exmoor. Every run now has lots of climbing in it. I think it is having a positive effect on my running, activating the long disused muscle groups. However, the jury is still out on that one!

I’m a coach as well as a runner, but unfortunately the coaching manuals don’t cover how to train following hip replacement. So it’s all been a very steep learning curve and experimenting a bit to find out what works for me.

Hope that helps.