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When I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left hip my Physio advised me to stay as active as possible but to stop running. I said I would like to try running but shorter distances and slower. She said that she’d never known any of her clients to carry on running successfully without the hip deteriorating further but go ahead and see how I get on. I tried a couple of 3ks, a couple of 5ks and a couple of 10ks, all much slower than my normal pace over the space of about a month. It became fairly obvious that it wasn’t the best way way for me to stay active and that I was making things worse so I stopped the running pre surgery. I carried on staying very active up until surgery by lots of walking, cycling and golf which made it much easier to manage. Maintaining activity is going to help maintain the strength in your leg which is vital to a good recovery but it’s not going to improve the wear and tear in the actual hip joint. I’m not an expert but that’s how my Physio explained it to me and how I found out by trial and error. There was a marked increase in the bone on bone contact from the Aug 2021 X-ray diagnosis to the Aug 2022 Pre Op X-ray.
Best wishes – Ian.