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How old are you?

I had my right hip replaced two years ago. I was 64. My surgeon told me the new hip was good for at least 30 years, so he was ok with me running on it as long as I wasn’t training for marathons. I figure 64 + 30….I would be ok with slowing down at 94. I have since run 2500 miles and biked 10000 miles.

At the time of surgery they told me that they saw on the X-ray that my left hip would need to be replaced in two to four years. I didn’t believe them until I noticed I was dragging my left foot allot this summer….no pain in the hip but my mobility is restricted. Another X-ray showed the restricted mobility was due to bone on bone at the front of the hip. I decided to have it done now while in good shape. My surgeon told me I would be back running in April.

I am not sure why they say you can’t run on it….many are and if you have arthritis in the other hip is it time to replace it…..again each person is different and age seems to play a big part in the process.