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Hi Brent,
I’m 16 months in following a THR (53 years of age).
I started back running 11 months after my THR, following great support from this board (my surgeon advised me against it).
I am largely doing 5K’s but done my first 10k last week (53 mins 23 sec).
Similarly to yourself I have experienced groin pain since having a THR following exercise / running, so you are not on your own.
I would put this in 3 categories:-
• 5k fine
• 10k bit sore after
• Walked 12 miles (several weeks back) very sore (felt like a groin strain).
Generally I just let it settle down itself (I don’t ice) – which it has, to date.
I am hoping with time the groin will get used to the mechanism and not react.

I’ll be very interested to hear what your doctor suggests when you speak to him – but as said you are not on your own with this and would suggest it is not unusual.
Time and patience is the best advice I have picked up along the journey.

Best of luck,