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Hi Brent

Thanks for update/status. It reminded me of my journey almost two years ago. I followed the same path back to running. I had my hip done at TCO in Edina and live just over the border in Wisconsin.

I started adding back with short runs…what I call “parking lot shuffles” during my walks at about 4 months building from 10 strides up to about 100 strides. I would do this maybe 10 times during a 4 to 6 mile walk.

6 months is when I committed to myself that I would start real running. I picked 6 months because that is what other fast THR runners in the Twin Cites suggested to me. I started as you would as a beginner runner with 1 minute runs and 1 minute walks until I got tired but not sore. I slowly built up over the next several months to 5/1 minutes run/walks with a total distance of 6 miles. I wasn’t concerned at all with pace.

This past winter I lived in Atlanta with our daughter so was able to really start training targeting the Atlanta half marathon the end of feb….it was also that last race I did before my hip replacement in 2020. The Atlanta half is very hilly and it rained the entire race with 45 degree temps. I didn’t run fast, but I did run pain free this time around.

I hope this helps as you start your journey back to running.