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Hang in there and have an unbeatable attitude and a 2nd and 3rd opinion!
From my experience with my new hip (I’m now 15 months post-op) and I have run a trail marathon, trail 50 K, and road 5K’s (20:07 post-hip best) and 10K (44:15 post-hip best), I am pleased with these results however THINGS ARE NOT PERFECT… I feel a little “off“ meaning I feel there is an approximate quarter inch length discrepancy, likely from the way all of the leg and hip joint complexities, along with my years of compensation. I still get stiff and a little sore following hard efforts, or long drives in the car, more of this on my replaced side and then on my natural hip. My point is, and please take this in the helping and encouraging spirit, is it significant pain? Or is it very minor and you are extra sensitive given all that you have been through with the replacement? Just some food for thought But encourage some extra opinions.