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Hello Tom. I had my THR in 2014, and now I have a 10-month old TKR on the opposite side (due to an old soccer injury). My knee replacement went well, and I was back to running longer distances than I’ve been able to in years. Well, at 9 months post op, I was doing a short easy run and I got knee pain on a downhill. I stopped and limped back to the car. Upon internet research, I determined that I was experiencing iliotibial band syndrome…an injury I have never had before.

I’ve been looking for TKR blogs but running after a knee replacement doesn’t seem to be as popular as running after a hip replacement. Have you experienced any problems with the tendons and ligaments around your knee after your partial replacement? I’ve also been experiencing muscle cramps in my hamstring in the middle of the night. I’m just looking for advice and experiences from other TKR’s, so if you know of a TKR blog, please let me know.