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Hi John,
Glad to hear you getting on well !

I carried on with all the non-running rehab noted above. Increasing frequency, duration and intensity steadily.

Yesterday – post op day #64, I put my kit on and went outside to try a little walk shuffle effort.
I was quite nervous to take my first stride, but everything felt great.
The first stride carried on to a 5k run !!
Felt great, no pain anywhere, although a little tired at the end.
Bit of muscle ache this morning but no hip pain.
So back to parkrun maybe on Saturday.

Btw – my consultant said he suggests I don’t run, purely based on prosthesis longevity. He told me though he has patients who do return to running and one who even snowboards which he frowns on even more – a leg break is to be avoided at all costs. He repeated what he’d said earlier in that there is no long term data to support “it’s ok to run” – we are a minority.