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Dave Whiteside

For me I would run too fast too long too often and by the end my hip would hurt and I would be limping. Come the next day I would go out and do the same. Eventually it caught up with me and I was out for a year. During that time I had my socket x-rayed by my surgeon but everything was fine. I think it’s more muscle and inflammation for me. Now I very rarely do speed work as that aggravates my hip area. If my hip doesn’t feel well nowadays I back off and run easier and shorter. I also rarely skip rest days now to help my recovery. A little pain is okay but if it becomes consistent then you probably need to back off. At the end of last year I took 16 days off just because it hadn’t felt right for a while and now I’m running strong again, including 42 miles last Saturday. I do squats with a kettle ball weekdays just for a minute and Bulgarian split squats. I should do more and exercises like that have helped me recover from my bigger longer injuries before, but once I start running I neglect them. Hope that helps.