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Hi Rob, Pietro is a neurologist, I believe, working in a hospital in New Zealand so has ready access to orthopaedic surgeons opinions, possibly of the kind that are not freely given to the general public. Hope I am not treading on his toes by mentioning this.
In other news, Saturday’s parkrun was number 400 for me. Natural hips lasted to 170-odd and 250-odd so I have done about 140 on my Zimmer THR. It was a miserable wet day, cold and windy, and I wore a waterproof under my modified 100 (to indicate 400) parkrun shirt. Despite all that I managed 25:03 for 71.2%, a best time since parkrun restarted, and my RunBritain handicap has taken a leap in the right direction as a result. 4 seconds faster and I would have been ecstatic!