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Hi Janice,
Thanks for remembering me !
My op went well according to my surgeon – all as planned.
So I’ve got an uncemented stem, ceramic ball and cross polythene cup now.
Came home on one crutch on day 3, morphine and blood thinner given. Stopped the morphine on day 6 as was feeling ok and I have been fine without it – scar a little uncomfortable but pain free.
Upped the gentle physio a bit.
Day 9 I walk 1/2 mile – which was a big effort but manageable.
Staples out day 14 all looking good.
Stairs down and up ok by then. Day 17 walked a mile – again this was a big effort but manageable.
Carried on with physio and started using my resistance bands. Have also been on my static bike. Progress is steady and encouraging.
Boxing Day (Day 26) walked 5k and have done this again since. Walking the dog a couple of miles on other days.
So, overall everything is very encouraging. Not sure anything could have gone better.
Back to see my consultant on January 11th – when I’ll mention the running to him again although I know his thoughts pre op so may not get any encouragement. Funnily enough, pre op I saw occupational health and the physio at the hospital – both knew patients who had returned to running. So I’ll see.