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Hi John

From memory I had my first pool swim about 5 weeks after surgery, initially swimming front crawl and backstroke only. I started to add breaststroke after around 8 weeks but with very little power on the leg kick. I now swim all strokes normally.

I went back into the gym after about 3 weeks, initially working upper body only. Started taking light weight through the hips in deadlifts and weighted squats after about 8 weeks. I have added more load, but not the weight levels I used pre-surgery.

I also went back to water based classes at around 8 weeks, dodging any difficult movements to start with, but have more or less got it all back.

The running is at a fairly early stage. I am finding walking with urban walking poles is helping build up stamina. I still find hills (particularly down hill) challenging, the issue is in my head, not my hip. The new right hip is excellent – although I now notice my left hip isn’t quite as good as I thought it was. I won’t leave that one to deteriorate as I left the old right hip.

All the best with your recovery.