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Hip Brother Tom


Congrats on the one year anniversary. The hammy issue is to be expected. You are running pretty good times and the body is finding ways to adjust to the new hip (e.g. making your hammy work a little harder). No worries though, adjust and forge on. I have been down for a good 2 months with an Achilles issue. I coach grade school XC and with Covid, the parks chose to keep all of the water turned off. So I pushed a baby jogger to our workouts with a 5 gallon water jug in it. One day as we were cooling down back to the school, my Achilles announced that it was tired of working so hard. I am certain that pushing that jogger, along with my hip replacement was the cause. We forge on…..I look forward to being recovered and getting back out on the trails. It’s not a set back. As a Hip Runner….its just a way of life. Keeping my head up and staying optimistic. I’ll be back out on the trails again. Kudos to you on staying positive! Good luck in your 50K on new years day!