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Of course I’m sure there are people who there who had problems with hip and who ran. So what? There are people out there who barely move and end up having revisions. People who midly move and need revisions and people who moderately move who need revisions.

You have all the information you’ll ever get on this subject. You will have to take the leap or not. Asking for more details–you’re not going to get to any information that definitely or overwhelmingly favors one side or the other. We don’t have that level of clarity. YOU have to step up and decide. I will say that most revisions have nothing to do with patient activity. Nothing. And when I say I’m thinking 99 percent of them, not 51 percent.

You know you can try out running for a year or so … or for a few months. I don’t think any claims that a few months of running or a few years will ruin a device. The ruin the device would be after years and years (for those who have that view).

You are the one who has to decide–there is no data or study out there that will decide this for you. And btw: I’m someone who did indeed look for such data before I had surgery.