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Hi Rob

I am not personally aware of anyone having issues after hip surgery through activity, although I don’t directly know anyone who runs on one. I do know people who do other fairly high impact things on them. My cleaner’s mother dislocated hers on the day she got home from hospital by ignoring the don’t cross the mid line restriction to get into her favourite seat. My niece is a doctor and although her specialism is paediatrics, she does a lot of locum shifts in a busy A&E. She says the post-hip surgery problems that present in A&E are always in frail, elderly people, usually fractures resulting from falls. I don’t think you can easily wear a modern hip replacement out. I don’t think you can easily break it. It’s possible for it to loosen / come out of alignment / have an issue as a result of a break elsewhere in the femur. Loosening is often down to infection and you haven’t had any sign of that so far. Other than infection, I would imagine all of these are less likely in someone who is structurally in good shape for their age. Load bearing should theoretically help keep bones strong and healthy. At 64, I would rather spend whatever healthy years I have left doing the things I love. If I somehow compromise the hip and have to have a revision, then so be it.