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No, the recommendations on running are not based on surgeons using particular devices vs othrs. No, the devices are basically all the same. The tools surgeons use to insert the devices, the steps for inserting the device, the feel, the subjective experience–those are why surgeons choose certain devices.

You’re barking up the wrong tree looking for registry information on different devices. Keep in mind that some surgeons cut from the front, some from the back, some from the side … That’s all personal preference and comfort level and confidence … No one approach is better than the other (despite all the hype about the anterior approach) …..

But maybe you mean materials … again, registries don’t break out info like this from when I last checked. But yes, there are academic studies on various materials … and the materials used by many surgeons these days is ceramic head on cross-linked polyethylene liner, uncemented cub and uncemented femoral stem … though as I mentioned earlier, i don’t think cement or not is the big deal here …All the surgeons I encountered who were fine with running were using ceramic on highly cross-linked polyethylene. This is easy info to find out. Don’t worry about other details–the details are ridiculously similar and NONE has some great and noticeable advantage in survivorship than the others or else all surgeons would be using that particular device.

I did go looking for surgeons who are comfortable with running because I wanted not to have to contradict a recommendatin. I wanted the full placebo effect, as it were, for running afterwards … But I admit I got lucky. Surgeons don’t loudly advertise this recommendation. Often I would have to go to a website or read a review and see that a patient was running. My surgeon has no information endorsing running out there in public, but I found an obscure interview with him in an orthopedic journal where he disclosed his view on running. His practice’s website has testimonies from a few runners who were patients, but no officials works (other than one younger surgeon in the practice) endorsing running. Really good surgeons do not want to over promise. And in fact, my surgeon said he could not guarantee that I would enjoy running after surgery. He said some patients just feel funny or awkward running after the surgery.

I learned that the surgeons comfortable with running were not rebels … They were just confident in the results and survivorship rates in their active patients and they looked closely at research … Once I got all this, I was able to find a number of surgeons who were OK with running. It was like I decoded the modest lingo to figure out who was ok with running.

BTW: a surgeon at my surgeon’s practice actually talked about something that is relevant to you. Are you really going to exercise at the same level you would in running? If you are going to skip running, you really want to find a new activity you LOVE! … For your overal health. You don’t want to be out there moping around feeling sorry for yourself, doing some exercise that reminds you of tasteless food. You need to find something challenging and juicy. You will need to experiment. This thinking was one of the reasons that one of my surgeon’s partners gave for being OK with running–overall health, physical and mental!