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Actually Dr. Thomas Gross uses an uncemented resurfacing device–the Biomet– and he’s probably the most prolific hip resurfacing surgeon and certainly one of the most successful in the United States–out of South Carolina. Dr. Gross pioneered the uncemented resurfacing device because he thought the cement was the one weak sport of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing.

Dr. Thomas Pritchett, another top five (in terms of cases) hip resurfacing surgeon in the U.S. also uses an uncemented resurfacing device, though he also performs BHR’s, I think. Dr. Edwin Su in New York also uses uncemented hip resurfacing devices (the same Biomet that Dr. Gross uses) on women who are banned from the cemented Birmingham Hip Resurfacing device.

Survivorship for cemented total hip devices is higher in some studies than uncemented devices. Uncemented has become the default in the U.S. but survivorship studies don’t show an advantage and in some cases show longer survivorship for cemented devices. I admit: I was shocked to learn this given that uncemented have become the standard at least in the U.S.

So it’s not clear that the recommendation for activity would be different for cemented total hip devices than for uncemented.