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I am not sure the device matters. I’m not sure cemented vs uncemented matters. The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, a very robust device, is cemented and tons of athletes get that procedure precisely in order to return to running and other aggressive activity.

I don’t think any of the device makers, including the BHR, advertise “running is fine for our device.” Manufacturers are too cautious for that. Traditionally surgeons did not have specific data indicating running was harmful. Their caution was largely based on intuition (not to totally dismiss specialist intuition).

The reason I don’t think the device particularly matters is that I think all the major manufacturers build devices that are very very similar.

Just to back up and elaborate on what an earlier poster said, the way hips traditionally “wore out” was because the new ball rubbing up against the new socket led to particles that fell into the bone and over time led to loosening of the device. This process is called “osteolysis.” Well these lots of surgeons are using ceramic heads (with incredibly low friction) against cross-linked polyethylene liners and that combination generates almost no particle falloff. Surgeons have been able to monitor the level of fall off/osteolysis over time and they are finding almost no wear with ceramic heads and cross-linked polyethylene liners.

I do think it’s worth it to call your surgeon’s office again. There’s been a sea change on running in just the past ten years and there’s a chance your surgeon’s views might have shifted. Surgeons’ views change as they go to conferences, read research and talk to other surgeons. Also there’s a difference between a surgeon strongly recommending against running vs. a surgeon not recommending running. The latter position might be what your surgeon ultimately embraces, which is a yellow light for you, not a red light.

BTW: my surgeon didn’t promise that I would like running on the new device. He said some people just feel like running is odd after hip replacement. And for what it’s worth, my surgeon is a stickler for research and is part of a huge nationally known practice and he said there was just no evidence from the research that running was harmful for this new generation of hips.