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Thanks that’s an excellent bit of advice and I have e-mailed the National Joint Registry this morning to see if they can advise further.
At the very least I am hoping they can let me know what mechanism I have, so I can then see (on the chat) if anyone else is running on the same bit of kit.
With regards to the issue around “cement”, again naively I didn’t ask the surgeon at the time, however I would have thought he would have mentioned it, if he was / did use cement (which I’m sure he didn’t)…..
Looking at similar photos / x-rays on line of cemented / uncemented THR, I would suggest I was in the latter category (uncemented), with the longer stem.
Similarly I know I was on crutches for at least 2 weeks (if not longer), as I can remember going back to the hospital on crutches to get my stitches out 2 weeks after the operation.
So hopefully it bodes well that the mechanism is uncemented.

Thanks again,