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Hi Rob
If you can’t get the information about your implant from your surgeon, I think you can contact the National joint registry to obtain the info, as all UK hips, knees etc have to be recorded with them, so they can trace the effectiveness of different implants over time.

A couple of things that might help you guess as to whether it’s cemented or not. If you saw the X ray after surgery, then can you remember how long the stem was? Uncemented femoral stems are quite a lot longer than cemented ones because they are designed to press fit into the bone. Also how long did you need to use crutches? Typically you can walk unsupported very early with a cemented implant, but need to use crutches to bear some of the weight for the first 3-4 weeks with an uncemented implant.

At your age, I would think it’s quite likely to be uncemented. Cement is most commonly used on older people either because of osteoporosis or because it helps mobilise them safely and more quickly.

Ultimately you can always try a few minutes of running and see how it feels.