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Thanks Coddfish
You’ve made a remarkable recovery to be running after just 3 months since your hip replacement…very well done!
It’s quite amazing how many stories follow such a similar path.

I think the mistake I made was just accepting the surgeons diagnosis that I would never run again.
Unfortunately as a consequence of this I didn’t ask in detail what mechanism I was having.

I have since e-mailed the surgeon again (yesterday) and asked for more details on what implant I have and whether it is a case that his reservations are just around the mechanism wearing out.

What I do find bizarre is the different responses you receive from surgeons with some saying it is ok to run and others generally ruling it out.
I do accepts they don’t have sight of “years of data” where people have run on artificial hips and whether they need replacing as a consequence. However surely this should be the response and not just dismissing running in the future once you have had a THR (to runners this is “life changing”).

I suppose I am at the “cross roads” where if the surgeon says I cannot run because of the implant being cemented similar to Pete’s brother’s wife, then that’s the end of that (the Exeter implant) (please see an earlier e-mail in this thread).

However if the response I receive is that you risk “wearing it” then the “64 million dollar” question is whether I start running again – which will ultimately be my call.

I do take great comfort from Pete’s e-mail where he says that he doesn’t know anyone who has worn out the implant.

Always interested to read updates on how your rehab / running goes with your new hip,