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Hi Rob, welcome!
I am the UK, near Leicester, and do mainly 5k and 10k races and hopefully will be doing parkrun number 400 on New Years Day with my Zimmer ceramic/ceramic THR and my metal on metal Birmingham resurfaced hip, at which point I shall be 71 years old. I have no worries about my devices lasting the distance (ie another 20 years…) and I had my surgeon’s blessing to continue running, climbing, biking and mountaineering. The THR is uncemented, the BHR uses a small amount of cement to cover the re-shaped femoral head and is in compression so not likely to cause problems. You might have had a ceramic/polythene combination which is becoming the new standard, there is very little wear of the plastic when in contact with the highly polished ceramic ball and no real risk of failure by cracking. Go for it, I don’t know of anyone who has worn an implant out yet!

See you at parkrun sometime?