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Hi Janice
Thanks again for your reply.
My deterioration has been so rapid – ran 26min (slow for me) Parkrun August 14th, few more pointless local runs, then run walk – even more pointless, then walking, then walking shorter, now only occasionally able to walk at all. Could dress ok last week now can’t put socks on. So from being in denial in June it’s been a rapid change to accept. Sleeping is even difficult now. I agreed to a THR in 01/09 with a six month wait. Two weeks later went back and opted for self pay – wait time 6 weeks ish.
My consultant is by the sounds of it very good. His job obviously is to relieve me of pain and allow me to live a normal life. I’m sure he will achieve that. I’m not surprised most consultants discourage running because, as you say it’s a risk. They’ve not done there work for you to jeopardise it.
I’ll post in the forum on the other side.
Thanks again for your supportive replies.