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Hi @HaveToRun,

Pretty similar story here – having my surgery privately (booked in for Thursday week). I have never been a huge runner but have completed up to Marathon distance. Not sure I want to go that far again, but looking at getting back to 5k & 10k if I can – not looking for PBs (well, only new-hip PBs), just to be able to jog round again.

My surgeon, like yours is not overly keen on high impact like running, but seems happy if the volume is not too high – so bodes well maybe? I’ve been told my replacement will be uncemented, largely due to the exercise regime I have that will (hopefully) have kept bone density & strength high. I think that probably extends the recovery time, but this is the long game, not a quick fix. I think walking, biking & swimming will be enough of a challenge in the first few weeks/months anyway.

All the best with the surgery and recovery/rehab – would be good to share experiences here.