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Hi Darren
It sounds like your consultant has a good success rate and knows what he is doing so I would think you are fine to go ahead with him. You can make your own decision on the running once you reach the other side. As you say, today’s implants weren’t in use 30 years ago. Running is a risk decision and it’s yours to take. I think you will know whether and when it feels ok to run. Mine doesn’t yet feel ready to run, but it certainly feels like I will get there.
Not sure whether the obsession with anterior surgery is an American thing? Everyone I know in the uk who had been through it has had posterior surgery. I would always go with what the surgeon wanted to do (anything else is nonsensical given the surgeon is the expert) but I certainly had no interest in seeking out surgeons who specialised in anterior incisions. Not sure how well they work on women anyway, given our different interior ‘bits’.
All the best for surgery, do post how it went.