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Hello Darrin and it sounds like you are doing very thorough due diligence which is about as much as you can do. I believe Medicine is both art and science… coronavirus and how we mis-handled that is a great example… How much do medical experts really understand???
That said, I would not set your mindset that your joint replacement will be perfect… I would set your mindset for the hopes that your joint replacement improves your current situation. If you have been dealing with pain, stiffness and limited range of motion for some time, the hip replacement will get you through that. I am almost a year removed from mine which included the operation, six months of physical therapy, combined with nine months of chiropractic… Perhaps it is the American medical system but the orthopedist is part medicine part Carpenter, physical therapy gives you some tools in mobility and strength surrounding the joint, and chiropractic is the spine and in the case of the hips, how it ties to the pelvis. YOU will be your medical authority and how this all ties together and what your future holds.