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Hey there and best wishes on your surgery! You have made the decision – now WORK To make it the RIGHT decision 👍
I selected a trusted local orthopedic who is very active and has worked on numerous athletes. I put my trust in him. He ONLY performs posterior approaches; when I asked him, he said there is “less risk of complications with posterior and that he absolutely will not do anterior approaches”.
That said, and regarding your return to running, it is vital for you to “KNOW THYSELF”!!! Other than the first month where it was imperative to simply listen to doctors and physical therapists to simply take it very, very easy, everything I felt and had tuition with, both good and bad, has been accurate. I don’t want you to take my advice as “gospel truth“, but I was perfectly capable of easy running 60 days post operation, Could run 6 miles at 75 days post operation and 10 miles 90 days after operation. Again, easy, relaxed, pain-free running… Not 50 miles a week including speed work. I did 15 rugged miles on the Appalachian Trail in under four hours six months post operation and ran a 21 mile trail Under four hours race eight months post operation. Also note here that I had no hip joint pain, but plenty of the “good“ muscle soreness. So there is plenty of hope and I have many goals to knock down!