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Hello Clay and I got an anterior approach THR left hip just before Christmas, December 22, 2020. I was able to do light jogging/shuffling about 60 days post operation. I started adding a little bit of mileage and was able to run just over seven minute miles about 90 days post operation for 5K; my pre-operation 5K time, literally 2 days before surgery was 19:30. I tried picking up the speed in the subsequent months, five, six, seven months post surgery and kept getting pulled and strained hamstrings… Something I have never dealt with other than from college football and that was rare. Yesterday I ran 5K in 21:37, virtually the exact same time I ran for 5K for months post-op, but have been able to run longer distances on trails including two different four-hour trail outings this summer. Now The explanation is multifaceted: part of it is the aging process, regardless of surgery; but likely the biggest part of it is I am trying to run “gently“ and that usually doesn’t entail hard strides and pushing hard… I would also say that my hamstring strain experiences has me shying away from speed as that was clearly what caused those injuries; proper adaptation not withstanding. Easier running on softer surface is causes new joint discomfort, where as Astor running on the roads does. The most sore I have been in “the THR joint” was following a road 15 K2 weekends ago where I ran 1:09:15-a good performance but I was a little joint sore. I am running a trail marathon in three weeks. Long answer here, but my experience is that I feel longer, easier running, will be better following joint replacement than fast miles, 5ks and 10ks.