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Hi Kathryn, sorry for not responding sooner, just caught up on the posts and saw yours. I’m doing really well, hating missing out on all the races my friends are doing but sticking to my plan of not racing until next year. The hip feels amazing, beginning to get most of the feeling back in the soft tissue, mostly pins and needles kind of stuff and a little “deadness” at the surgery site still but it’s reducing. The prosthetic feels great no issues at all. I’m consistently running around 40 miles a week and have occasional long runs to 20 miles. I’ve been focusing on climbing strength more so than descending speed since I don’t want to beat up my hip on those gnarly downhills anymore lol. I’ve been crewing and pacing friends in races to sort of quench the FOMO feels. The left hip feels so good that I think I’m overworking the right leg and keep getting complaints from various areas, not so much injury as much as irritation. So I have to take it easy on the right side until it catches up. I’m still going to the gym 3 days a week focused on leg strength training to help the muscles get stronger to support the hips and get those legs to be more powerful. But yeah, everything is going really well now, now on to the right hip. So I have (had) FAI in both hips, the left one is fixed but the right one is not and the right one wasn’t as advanced as the left one. Well at the end of August I had the first warnings of things to come with the deep arthritis bone bruised feeling that I had initially with the left hip. It lasted a week and faded out, but I know how this is going to go, the pain will return earlier and earlier each time and increase gradually over time until it will become unbearable and incapacitating. I’m hoping to get another year or two at most out of the right hip before I have to replace it, we’ll see!