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Hi Charlie

I am 4 weeks on from THR of my right hip. I have to say I didn’t spend time researching hip implants, but I did spend time researching surgeons. I took into account 3 things. One was the recommendation from my physiotherapist, knowing he had had patients have good outcomes with this particular surgeon. The second was looking at the surgeon’s profile on the National joint registry – noting that he does a lot of hip replacements and also that his client profile was younger than average, fewer comorbidities than average and hence fitted a pattern of people who were likely to want to be more active after surgery. The third was meeting him and seeing how he reacted to a discussion of my goals.

Having done this, I then felt it was for him to decide the best implant and method of surgery for my needs / goals. I wasn’t going to try to influence the choice of implant A versus implant B, as I don’t have any actual experience to go on. I did however engage in a conversation about cement. I didn’t want to be cemented, but was well aware it was normal to cement post menopausal women. The result was he looked at the health of my bones and muscles during surgery and decided not to cement me.