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Hi again Janice, well done on getting to volunteer at parkrun again – our local runs are struggling for volunteers at the moment. Regarding surgeons and recovery, my Birmingham hip resurfacing was down to my doing the research online then finding a local surgeon who could do the operation and was happy that I would be running, climbing and biking with it – but I did have a 2 week restriction on full weight bearing because the bone was a bit fragile. When it came time for my other hip the same surgeon tried a BHR but the femoral head broke off during the fitting (it gets hammered on, gently) which is why I was given an uncemented ceramic THR. He could see I was disappointed but reassured me that I would not be able to break this device – and with that, I had no worries about pressing on with recovery as pain allowed. I was jogging before my 6 week check, albeit very slowly.
Indoor biking has been my saviour with the sciatica – I bought a Wattbike before my second surgery and used it for early recuperation, not wanting to risk the roads, and it came into its own during the “Beast from the East” winter. I like to have the data, not just the basic exercise, so I can judge progress. Both of my recoveries were logged on Garmin devices, the latter one with sufficient technology to determine Left/Right leg imbalance in running and biking. Decent indoor bikes let you join in with other riders on the internet nowadays, I have not gone down that route…