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Thanks OB. I am now 11 days post surgery and finding the day by day improvements really quite remarkable. I was able to volunteer at my local parkrun this morning and then walk to / from a restaurant half a mile away for lunch. I am using the crutches as prescribed, but feel less dependent upon them, except as I tire. I suspect they are also important for reducing the risk of falls.

I have read a few academic research papers on whether different approaches bring benefits. Patients given lots of movement restrictions on the whole are less active than those told just to avoid anything that feels uncomfortable, with minimal difference in the number of dislocations. Patients who ignore advice that certain things (eg running) are too risky, generally have better overall health and quality of life than those who are fearful of getting back to activity. I can only conclude a lot of the advice comes from risk aversion and it always having been done this way, rather than evidence. So I will just listen to my body and not worry too much.

I will certainly try a static bike when I get back in the gym. For a long time I haven’t been able to use one because my leg was permanently in abduction because of the hip problem. Sadly i didn’t learn to ride a bike as a child, and my attempts to cycle with my own family left me nervous and lacking in confidence. Not sure 64 is a good point at which to try road biking again.