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Hi Janice – I had the exact same surgery one year ago. I think it is interesting to read on this site all the different recovery methods doctors prescription. I read where people were using walkers for the first four weeks, crutches for the first four weeks or canes. My doctor told me he doesn’t want any of his patients leaving the overnight stay following surgery with anything but a cane for balance.

My surgeon also told me with the new technology…..larger ceramic ball and larger socket that I would never be able to wear it out. Like you I am in my mid 60s and if you think it is predicated to last 30 years….well he may be right:-)

I do triathlons. So far this year I have done 3 sprint, 1 Olympic and a 70.3 (aquaman…..meaning I didn’t run the half marathon) with one more sprint scheduled next weekend. Plus a 5k only run. All in so far I have run this year over 600 miles, biked 3000 miles and swam 70 miles.

I have had absolutely no issues with my right hip. I also do weights and stretching exercises.

In regards to your not liking to bike. My wife and three grown daughters had the same attitude towards the bike. Interesting my wife how likes to run starting having foot issues, so the doctor told her to start biking to supplement her running. All of them bought Peletons, found classes and instructors with the kind of music they like. They are now hooked. I often find my wife doing 45 to 60 minute rides. She now alternates between running one day and riding the next. Same with all my daughters. Two have even bought road bikes so they can ride outside also.

Take it slow and don’t allow yourself any setbacks. As a runner you know it isn’t how much you do in any one day but how consistent you are over time. I didn’t start running again for 6 months after surgery. At that time I had built up my walking to 6 to 8 miles 4 times per week.

Good luck….I post everything on Strava if you want to see my progress.

Tim Obrien