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How are you doing Chris? I wanted to know how you are doing now, 6 months post op. I continue to make slow, steady progress with the motto “No set backs.” I am preparing for a trail half marathon in Duluth, Minnesota in October at my one year anniversary of hip replacement. Today I walk/jogged 9.5 miles on trails along the firebreak of Old Murphy Dome Road to the summit of Murphy Dome (2970 feet), a route with an altitude gain of 2310 feet, 2:29 minutes/15:45 mm pace with running poles at 48 degrees, blustery winds at the top, and I could have kept going! What is even more wonderful is looking back on when I first started “running” 6 months post op, “50 breaths walk, 10 breaths jog,” 19 circuits, which amounted to 9 1/2 minutes of jogging. That was only 5 months ago! No set backs. Slow and steady wins the race…but I am not racing anyone anymore. I hope you are being patient with your progress too.