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Hey Brent be confident that you are making the right decision! MAKE THE DECISION AND THEN WORK TO MAKE IT THE RIGHT DECISION! My story is much like yours as I am 50.
You will not be the same, there will be ups and downs, but there is the HIGHEST probability this will work for you! Expect the 1st 72 hrs will be rough-in bed, in pain, largely immobile. GET A GOOD PT AND GET MOVING as best you can… walking, 1/4 bodyweight squats and listen to your body! I’d resist the narcotic pain meds! More than anything else…listen to the PT,light body weight exercises and get moving! More than anything else, you will master LISTENING TO YOUR BODY BUT – you will have a foreign object in you – so PAY ATTENTION! Don’t be afraid to push a little 😉
So enough for now – prayers and let us know how you’re doing!