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Hey Dave – thanks for your thoughts and feedback. I’ve been hoping to connect with as you have 11 years under your belt and quite a few miles to boot! It’s very impressive and encouraging.

Recovery is going well. I’m up to 3 x 16 minute walks a day, slowly building strength back. I’m amazed how quickly things are coming along but remind myself to follow the docs protocol and go slowly. I really want my bones to fuse properly with the hardware. I don’t plan on running until 9-12 months out. Hopefully, next week I’ll get the go head to go back to swimming and possibly the bike trainer. Again, one step at a time. Pun intended.

So all this said, I’m really curious how your hardware has held up the past 11 years. Have you seen any wear on follow up X-rays? Particularly in the acetabular cup (poly)? I’m guessing you have ceramic on XL Poly – correct? I realize we are all built differently but there just isn’t enough data out there to show how these parts wear over time- especially for runners. When you mention set backs what types of things did you encounter?

Any insight you can pass along would be much appreciated.

thanks, Brent